Phyllis Gorsen Paintings
Heaven on EarthOnce or Twice in a Blue MoonMy Space, Your SpaceNight and DayIn the Blue 2In the Blue 1Adam and Eve or Girls Just Wanna Have FunApples and OrangesThe Birds and the BeesRain or ShineWar and PeaceYin and YangSunkissed and MoonstruckFour Chambers of the HeartBetween Heaven and EarthConnectivity
Geometric Paintings
I have created a series of multi-canvased paintings that describe how we are all connected together by having elements of everyday life in common. I use symbols in both visual and written language as depictions of these commonalities highlighting the connections created by their universality despite varying perceptions. I use a combination of abstraction and representation in the work.These paintings explore connection in two ways: larger multi-canvased compositions that are broad symbolic illustrations of elements of common human experiences, and smaller “couples” paintings that represent two universal elements symbolically paired together in written language. These works are more specific in nature.
My paintings are intended to move the eye using energetic patterns, movement and vibrancy. My hope is that viewer is captivated by the visual allure of the surface to allow for a slow unveiling of the meaning of the work – which is that we all connected by sharing many of these human experiences.