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Four Chambers of the Heart is rendered as symbolic interpretations of what I perceive to be those elements that people hold most dear…. things that make their heart beat. A physical heart has four chambers, so I chose four elements to represent what fills a heart. The top canvas represents friendship with circles that are intertwined in one another. Clockwise to the right is the “self” which is a bright diamond that radiates past its borders. The bottom canvas is family and is depicted by a family tree. The left canvas, with fiery colors symbolizes one’s passion. Many of these components are interdependent and cannot exist without the other. They are all connected through tethers of lines. This visual connection represents their symbiotic relationship as well as how these elements are commonalities that we all share.

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Four Chambers of the Heart
Acrylic on Attached Hexagonal Canvases
29" x 20"